Calling all book lovers!

From 18/3/18 to 21/3/18 at Beit Daniel, from 16:00

This is the 6th year that our book fair is returning to Beit Daniel, with all proceeds going to a women’s shelter and for the purchasing of food packages for Passover.

We will be selling thousands of books, each for only 10 NIS!

Last year, we collected over 15,000 NIS – let’s try to collect even more this year! With the collected money, we purchased toys and clothes for children in the shelter, 50 food packages for Passover, and offered support to activities at Beit HaYedidut.

The fair will be held from Sunday through Wednesday, beginning at 16:00 on Sunday and from 9:00-20:30 on the remaining days.

This project is made possible through Beit Daniel volunteers.