The world changed significantly over the past year with the COVID-19 pandemic. In this time, we altered the course of our service delivery many times to adapt to the situation and ensure the spiritual, traditional, and social needs of our congregants, the secular community of Tel Aviv -Yafo and our friends overseas.

With the tools of this modern era, we took up the challenges of the pandemic. Thousands of people joined us across the globe, on Zoom and Facebook. Our Shabbat, holiday services, and educational programs continued to foster a strong connection to Jewish heritage and identity within the inclusive and egalitarian values of Reform Judaism.

Despite the challenges of mandated closures and gathering restrictions, lifecycle events were still celebrated. B’nai Mitvot, weddings, and conversions flourished in a hamish place – the sanctuary of the synagogue, in gardens and parks; each with the spirit of joy, to have reached the season that carried on, in the warm welcome lead by Rabbi Meir Azari, each of our clergy, staff and volunteers.