Congregation Tiferet Shalom joined the Daniel Centers in 2020.

The congregation was founded nearly 40 years ago in the Neve Avivim neighborhood in Ramat Aviv and was one of the first communities founded on egalitarian principles.

Tiferet Shalom is a home for Sabras and Olim as one – a home for those seeking their authentic Judaism in an intimate and communal setting.

The community meets to worship at Beit HaShahmat, Tagore 26, Tel Aviv.


Communal Activities 


Lesson – 9:30-10:15

Shaharit – 10:15

First Friday of the Month

Musical Kabbalat Shabbat – 18:00


Lesson in English with Rabbi Druck at 11:00. This activity takes place in community member’s homes.

Tiferet Shalom

Beit HaShahmat, Tagore 26, Tel Aviv, Israel (Map)

Phone: 972-54-538-0003


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