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The City of Jaffa is a microcosm of Israeli society. From the bustling flea market to the artist’s galleries, Jaffa tells the story of Israel’s past and present and perhaps its future. The city is home to a complex and beautiful mix of culture and religious traditions. To benefit from this extraordinary location, Mishkenot Ruth offers a variety of tours exploring the impact of ancient historical roots in modern day Jaffa. 

Jaffa – Old and New

Jaffa is a city filled with tensions and contradictions.  It is a model for cities and towns with ancient histories. Your guide will discuss the different perspectives of the old and new, history versus current events and the relationship between peoples and the old buildings.

Discovering America

Let’s explore the following unknown story of American settlers in the 19th century who came to Jaffa to fulfill a dream. We will start from the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, progress to the train station, and continue to tell the story under the shade of the trees in the American Colony, which soon became a Templar Colony.

Each tour can be personalized to accommodate the needs and interests of your group, should be ordered in advance, and are available in English, French, Spanish and Russian.

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