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The city of Jaffa is a microcosm of Israeli society. From the bustling flea market to the artists´ galleries, Jaffa tells the story of Israel’s past and present and perhaps its future. The city is home to a complex and beautiful mix of culture and religious traditions.  To benefit from this extraordinary location, Mishkenot Ruth offers a variety of tours exploring the impact of ancient historical roots on today’s city.

Tour topics include:  Co-Existence (illuminating the different and conflicting narratives of Jaffa’s recent history); Bread and Butter (the role of bread in the three Abrahamic religions); Jonah and Jaffa (the ancient city and Jonah’s travails); Pictures of Jaffa;  Dreamers, Rebels and Sinners (stories of women in Jaffa); and the Mosaic of Jaffa.

Each tour can be personalized to accommodate the needs and interests of your group, should be ordered in advance, and are available in English, French, Spanish and Russian.

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Additional tours:

Photos of Jaffa: Smell the aroma of the sea as you explore the ancient alleys of Jaffa. Learn about the colorful characters who lived there during the time of the Prophet Jonah to the time of Napoleon and Peter, who searched for his beloved sailor at the Port of Jaffa.

Ajami Neighborhood: Tour the scenic Ajami neighborhood, which has recently become a focial point for financers and real estate businesses. We will tour the luxurious mansions and admire their Mediterranean architecture. Throughout the tour, we will be able to see how multi-cultural the city has become through its many mosques and churches.

“Pishpashuk:” Tour of Shuk Ha’pishpashim: This tour will introduce you to the variety of people, buildings, history and architecture found in Jaffa’s famous market. Few people know of the Jewish history hidden in this market, including: the beginnings of a Jewish settlement in the 19th century and Herzliyya Gymnasium, khans and hotels that welcomed many immigrants during the first and second Aliyah, and more. You will be amazed to learn these secrets, as we admire together this historic market.

Jaffa: The Old and the New: Jaffa, a city full of tensions and contradictions, is a model for cities and towns with ancient histories. Your guide will discuss the different perspectives of the old and new, history versus current events and the relationship between people and the old buildings.

Discovering America: Let’s explore the following unknown story of American settlers in the 19th century who came to Jaffa to fulfill a dream. We will start from the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, progress to the train station, and continue to tell the story under the shade of the trees in the American Colony, which soon became a Templar colony.

The Wisdom of the Pretzel: Jaffa Bakery Tour: Let’s follow the aromas and flavors of bread throughout Jaffa and into the bakeries which are a important component to life in Jaffa. We will learn about bread traditions, beliefs and rituals related to the locals’ lives and explore the role of bread in religion and culture. So goes the expression, if there is no flour, there is no Torah.

Tastes, Smells and People: Jaffa in a Nutshell: We will follow the scents and tastes of this city as we sample from Hungarian bourekas, Turkish coffee and Arabic hummus. Through this tour, we will trace Jaffa’s history through food and drink.

Dreamers, Rebels and SInners: Stories of Women in Jaffa: This tour will trace Jaffa’s history through the female perspective, from the 19th century to the present. We will explore how women shaped the history of this city and country. One such woman, for example, is Lilith Gutman, an erotic and provocative woman who spearheaded many formative changes and events in our country’s history. From the death verdicts to the struggle for political equality, you will discover the impacts of courageous women in this country that are still felt today.

Tour of Muslim Jaffa: Together, we will explore Muslim Jaffa through architecture, gates and ancient decorations. This tour adapts to the Muslim calendar in order to fully convey Islam in Jaffa.

Literature and Music in Jaffa: This tour will lead you through the lines of songs and plays produced in Jaffa, from work created by Agnon Shifra, Yoram Gaon, and more. We will begin our tour from the American-German colony, and from there, visit the musical kazablan, the hip clubs from the ’60s through the book Hamam, on the Dankner club “Ariana,” by author David Ben Amotz. We will conclude this literary journey with a reading of an excerpt from the book, Tamara Walks on Water, by Shifra Horn.

Side-by-side: Coexistence in Jaffa: This program exposes you to the various historical narratives of Jaffa, through the eyes of a Zionist Jew and a Palestinian Arab. This tour combines exposure to the complexities of the city and current issues prevalent in Jaffa society. This tour will raise the question of whether peace and coexistence is possible in this complex city.

*We will be visiting a mosque during this tour

Under the Tree of Love: Neve Tzedek and its many picturesque neighborhoods have been home to many great rabbis, lovers, writers, poets, aristocrats, and other forgotten characters. We will walk along the paths of this neighborhood to discover these stories, of love that transcended borders, hopeless love, courtship and love fulfilled.

Railway Station Tour: Tour one of the most popular entertainment centers in Tel Aviv, filled with modern restaurants, shops and cafes. Interestingly, this center is also home to the first railway station in Tel Aviv, which connected various communities in the central region. During this tour, we will also delve into the biographies of influential figures of this time period, such as Montefiore, Wieland and others.

Mansions: This tour will take us along the first steps of Tel Aviv, through the Homestead neighborhood, and explore how this city was built from sand dunes. How did they do it? We will explore the houses of the city’s founders on Herzl and Rothschild Street and visit the Shalom Tower, which was built in the place of the most revered mansion in the city. This is an eye opening tour and will take you on a nostalgic journey through Tel Aviv’s past.

Sampling Shuk Levinsky: The Levinsky Market tour is a stimulating experience on one of the most lively and busiest streets in Tel Aviv. Beginning from the edge of Florentine neighborhood, we will encounter many smells, tastes and sights from Persia to Poland, and hear stories about the delicacies for sale. We will visit many distinguished eateries and sample from a variety of food, including: bourekas from Penso’s, cheese from Haim Raphael’s shop and beer from Mati’s. Of course there will also be nuts and dried fruit to nibble on along the way…

Love Stories in Tel Aviv: Let’s take a look at a love story that occurred in the first Hebrew city. During this tour, figures will emerge from the past and illuminate a beautiful story.We will walk through Meir Garden, Bialik House, Reuven Rivlin House, Nahalat Binyamin pedestrian mall and more.

Women in the Pantheon of the Nation: Through touring the Trumpeldor cemetery, we will begin to ask questions about famous women in Israeli history. Who was the first feminist activist? Who left her husband and came to Israel to pursue a new love? Which woman insisted on studying Torah, during a time in which Torah study was reserved for men only? Who was the lover of Arlozorov in the gymnasia? Who attained political power? During this tour, these questions will be answered as we explore the role of women in Israel’s history.

Special Tours

Intercultural Jaffa: Comfort& Food Available in English, Hebrew & French


When you tour Tel-Aviv, you usually find yourself visiting Jaffa. But only visiting Jaffa can be misleading. How many times have you been to a city, talked about it but skipped speaking to any local? Left the place before tasting its local dishes? Avoid missing out on meeting the real essence of Jaffa! This intercultural experience, offers you a unique encounter with local women of Jaffa. Starting with an intercultural tour you’ll acquire innovative tools for deciphering the city’s past and present. With the interactive tour you will understand what life in multicultural Jaffa was, how Muslims, Christians and Jews lived side by side. You will receive a vast cultural, geographical and historic basis for deepening your local experience. The second half of this experience consists of being hosted at a local woman. You can either participate in a cooking workshop and meal in her house or enjoy a home made meal served to your comfort. Explore, taste and belong. 

Among us: A special tour in south Tel-aviv

In the tour, we will meet African asylum-seekers and get to know them. We’ll hear their story and see where they live. Together, we’ll tour the Neve Shaanan neighborhood, Levinsky Park, businesses run by asylum-seekers and important landmarks of the asylum-seeking communities.
We’ll hear background information and explanations by a Hotline activist and answer questions such as what is happening the countries of origin of the asylum-seekers, how their presence affected the neighborhoods of southern Tel Aviv, and how the State of Israel can better deal with their presence here.


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