– Your Modern Jewish Community in Israel – 

Who we are

The Daniel Centers for Progressive Judaism was founded by Gerald and Ruth Daniel 30 years ago.  

The Daniel Family has continued to advocate for a pluralistic Israel, that honors our rich Jewish traditions and culture, while recognizing the changing lifestyles of modern day Jews. 

Our leadership is a stronghold to the values of pluralism and egalitarianism.  We are supported by a dedicated Board of Directors in Israel and by the Friends of Beit Daniel Centers for Progressive Judaism located in Maryland, USA. 

We are proud to have provided a nurturing environment for over fifteen Hebrew Union College  rabbinical students, to learn and grow. They have taken their knowledge and passion for egalitarian Judaism to serve congregations in Israel and abroad. 

Join with us as we continue to change the face of Israeli society, building an Israel grounded in fairness and equality.

What we do

Since its founding in 1991, the Daniel Centers for Progressive Judaism has been at the forefront in creating an inclusive and egalitarian sanctuary for Israelis, who are seeking a spiritual alternative to Orthodox Judaism, in a modern secular society, that honors Jewish culture, tradition and equality. 

Over the course of 30 years the Daniel Centers has grown to include three unique locations in    Tel Aviv – Jaffa. Each is flourishing and serving the personal, family, and community needs of Israelis of every culture. We have become a beacon of light and welcome all who want to explore Reform Judaism, while observing Jewish life-cycle events rich in spirituality, rituals, and traditions. 

Beit Daniel, Kehilat HaLev and Kehilat Daniel in Jaffa – housed in Mishkenot Ruth Daniel Community Center & Guest House. We provide spiritual, educational, social justice and community-wide services to thousands of Israelis. 

We offer educational programs which are broad and extensive.  Whether in-house or in partnership with local schools and the municipalities, our inclusive approach serves all ages both young and old.