Who we are – Your Modern Jewish Community in Israel 

The Daniel Centers for Progressive Judaism was founded in 1991 by a group of leaders with a vision for a modern Israel grounded in pluralism and egalitarianism.  They recognized the growing need to provide a sanctuary that honors our rich Jewish traditions within our multi-culturally diverse Jewish homeland. Over the last thirty years the Daniel Centers has become one of the leading organizations promoting and renewing the Jewish spirit, in the Jewish state.  Through our advocacy for pluralism we have become the lighthouse for many Israelis who make up 67% of the non-orthodox communities, particularly in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, the heart of modern Israel. 

Our Leadership

Our leadership has a proven track record of stability and professionalism.  We are a stronghold to the values of inclusion and egalitarianism. We are supported by a dedicated Board of Directors in Israel and overseas as well as by the Friends of Beit Daniel Centers for Progressive Judaism, a 501c3 located in Maryland, USA. 

Our senior Rabbi Meir Azari has a long history serving the movement.  Previously he was the CEO of the Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism (IMPJ), and he served for two years as the Chair of the Reform Rabbinical Association in Israel (Maram).  In 1991 he was appointed Senior Rabbi for the Beit Daniel Centers for Progressive Judaism. Rabbi Meir Azari – מרכזי דניאל The Daniel Centers. Under his leadership the Daniel Centers grew to include five Kehilot throughout Tel Aviv-Jaffa, including the Mishkenot Ruth Daniel – Guesthouse and Seminar Center.

Our six rabbis and rabbinical students serve our unique congregations in the heart of Tel Aviv – Yafo.  We are proud to have provided a nurturing environment for over fifteen Hebrew Union College rabbinical students to learn and grow. They have taken their knowledge and passion for Reform Judaism to serve congregations in Israel and abroad. 

Our Initiatives 

Our initiatives are “calls to action” and serve the diverse needs of the changing face of Israeli society.  For example, our J-Education programs are for every age. We provide Judaic education and teacher training in the Tel Aviv-Yafo public school system, which is supported by the Ministry of Education, and the Young Families Community of Daniel House Parenting Center (Zulzu), which provides breastfeeding and developmental counseling, parenting support, and moms and tots groups with activities designed to create a social support network for families.  

We also have the largest non-Orthodox Conversion school recognized by the Ministry of Interior, and Directed by Rabbi Galia Sodom Rabbi Galia Sadan – מרכזי דניאל The Daniel Centers , who is the first woman to serve as Em Beit Ha-Din – Head of the Rabbinical Court of Maram.

We bridge community and celebrate our cultural diversity, in our successful Embracing our Differences (Shonim B’yachad) Shonim B’yahad: Embracing Our Differences – The Daniel Centers program, an artistic educational project in multi-faith schools to endow the values of equality, tolerance and inclusion of each other, by recognizing our shared humanity.

We bridge community by highlighting our relationship with American Jewry  with the “Bridge Over Troubled  Water” American Cultural Festival, with the support of the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality – Jewish American Cultural Festival 2019 – The Daniel Centers. To help close the gap between Israeli and American Jews, we encouraged Israelis to become more familiar with American immigrant history, struggles with antisemitism, and the triumphs they have made through their determination, creativity, and Jewish identity.  The Festival draws the attention of thousands of participants from Tel Aviv – Jaffa, including Israeli leaders in government and NGO’s who deal with American’s through business and personal connections.  Through panel discussions, music, arts and modern religious expression they gain a better understanding of American Jewish culture. Because of Covid we were not able to hold this event for the last two years but we look forward to renewing it this summer, 2022.

For three decades we have worked the front lines – alongside our peers, and partners in Israel and abroad including, the World Zionist Conference (WZC), and the World Union for Progressive Judaism (WUPJ).  We hosted their international conferences with hundreds of attendees, as well as for the International Cantors Assembly, the North American Rabbinical Assembly, and the North American Reform Rabbis.

This all happened because of you: Our friends from far and wide. The next few years are critical for Israeli society and our global Jewish family.  Join us as we continue to change the face of Israeli society, by building an Israel grounded in fairness and equality. Support Us – The Daniel Centers