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– Your Jewish Community in Israel –

Since its founding in 1991, the Daniel Centers has spearheaded efforts towards the creation of a cultural and spiritual alternative to Orthodoxy that equally reflects tradition and the changing needs of Jewish life in a modern secular society.

Over the past 28 years, the Daniel Centers has grown to include three unique centers in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, each with their own flourishing community. Our centers serve as hubs from which a Progressive, inclusive, and spiritual Jewish voice emanates throughout the city of Tel Aviv-Jaffa.

Our activities are wide-ranging and support ritualistic, communal, spiritual and educational facets of Jewish life. Our programming includes:

Shabbat and holiday services and celebrations at each of our centers: Beit Daniel, Kehilat Halev and Kehilat Daniel in Jaffa

– Weekly community, educational and seniors programming

– Performing over 200 egalitarian bar and bat mitzvahs each year

– Officiating at over 100 non-Orthodox Jewish weddings each year

– The largest non-Orthodox conversion school in Israel recognized by the Ministry of the Interior – in three different languages: English, Hebrew and Russian

– Beit Daniel’s in demand preschool and preschool programs

Zulazu: Beit Daniel’s center for young families and early childhood education

Tikkun Olam in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, an immersive volunteer-learning program for young adults run in partnership with BINA

Pluralistic Jewish curriculum for local secular public schools, in partnership with the Municipality of Tel Aviv-Jaffa and the Ministry of Education

Shonim B’yahad (Embracing our Differences), an artistic-educational project and exhibition that promotes pluralism and coexistence in dozens of schools throughout Israel, in partnership with the Federation of Sarasota-Manatee

Mishkenot Ruth Daniel: a full-service hotel, conference and events center, located in the heart of Jaffa

Educational and cultural tours of Jaffa from our center in Jaffa

Our aim to strengthen and uplift the progressive Jewish voice in Tel Aviv-Jaffa is unwavering. By bringing the spirit of egalitarian, inclusive and modern Judaism to the city of Tel Aviv-Jaffa, we create a positive force for the rest of Israeli society, and help guide it to a better future.

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How can you become involved?


We see great importance in promoting Jewish egalitarian wedding ceremonies as a means to promote a more open society, and as an opportunity to help young couples build modern Jewish homes in the Jewish State. The Daniel Centers is the leading institution in Israel for non-Orthodox Jewish weddings – officiating at hundreds of weddings a year. In addition to the efforts being made by other organizations to change the marriage laws in Israel, to allow for both civil and non-Orthodox Jewish weddings, we are working to meet the demands of young Israelis who seek meaningful Jewish marriage ceremonies.  We are working on public relations, marketing, establishing seminars for young couples, and website development, in order to dramatically increase the numbers of people who are aware of and to choose to have Reform/egalitarian weddings.


Based on our partnership with the city of Tel Aviv-Jaffa, and continuing the success of our existing programs, we wish to expand our educational activities and develop wide-spread progressive and egalitarian Jewish curricula so as to offer more Israeli children the opportunity to connect with a Judaism which is modern and dynamic.

Bat Mitzvahs

We see great importance in increasing the number of bat mitzvahs performed each year. This rite of passage is part and parcel with promoting the rights and value of women in Israel, and their image of self-worth. Our aim is two-fold: to increase the number of bat mitzvahs performed in our three synagogues in Tel Aviv, as well as the number of class-wide bat (and bar) mitzvah programs which we run in schools throughout the city.  We are also working to increase our public relations and marketing on the subject.

Tikkun Olam Tel Aviv-Jaffa and Building Bridges with Diaspora Communities

We take great pride in our success in reengaging young liberal Jews, who are often disconnected from their heritage, back to the Jewish community and to Israel. This is accomplished by facing, head on, the challenges facing Israeli society (i.e. refugees, migrant workers, the needs of senior citizens, and the often difficult relations between Israeli Jews and Arabs). We believe that by bringing these issues to light in a responsible way, rooted in progressive Jewish thought, we can help a young generation of Diaspora Jews to reconnect and find solutions for a better Israeli society. Each year, we meet with dozens of groups from abroad who come to learn from us, pray with us, and experience Israeli society through us. We aim to expand the programming we offer to Jews from the Diaspora which introduces them to the “real” Tel Aviv-Jaffa, and presents Israel in a positive, creative, and meaningful light.

Conversion School

Our conversion school is the largest non-Orthodox conversion school in Israel, and is fully recognized by the Interior Ministry. We are proud of the budget, albeit small, which we receive from the Israeli government towards the work that we do, but we seek more funds in order to expand our conversion school.

Zulazu: Early Childhood and Family Center
  • Beit Daniel is home to our Zulazu center, an early childhood and family center that embraces young families into synagogue  life. The Daniel Centers opened Zulazu to provide progressive Jewish early-childhood programs in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, and a welcoming pluralistic community for young families. Zulazu offers children’s exercise classes, musical enrichment, baby yoga, lactation consultation, basic infant care, tot Shabbat, and other early childhood and family activities 6-days a week.