Religious services and learning Serving the Gay Community

The rabbis of the Daniel Centers for Progressive Judaism are proud to provide all individuals and families services for life cycle events.

The services are egalitarian, and draw upon the Jewish tradition which has held forth for the past thousands of years. We are proud to be continuing this tradition, while also bringing a fresh modern spirit.

Family members are welcome to become involved in designing the ceremonies that best fit the individual’s needs.

Life Cycle Events

Conversion of a minor

Our movement is a religious movement, but we recognize the right of every person and the right of every family to maintain a Jewish lifestyle of its choice. Our assumption is that a family that chooses to convert its son or daughter naturally chooses a Jewish way of life, which includes observing the holidays and customs, marking the Shabbat as a special day, educating the children in the Israeli school system, etc. What is most important is that the way of life at home is a Jewish way of life, in which case both parents will be full partners in the whole process.
The conversion is recognized to the Ministry of the Interior, as well as adoption.


Our rabbis hold marriage ceremonies for same-sex couples. As with all the ceremonies we perform, these ceremonies are also not recognized for registration at the Ministry of the Interior. Therefore, couples are required to have a civil marriage ceremony abroad or a partnership contract conducted through our attorneys.

Birth ceremonies

Ceremonies on the occasion of receiving a baby or a baby for the family include: Brit Milah, Brit HaBat (the daughter’s covenant), Pidyon Haben and Bat, and reciting the “HaGomel” blessing in honor of the birth. The ceremony takes place in the synagogue or any other place chosen by the family.

Bar and Bat Mitzvah

Boys and girls are invited to go through a moving and meaningful process, shared by parents and children, and rise to the Torah in our synagogues, where everyone sits together. Girls and women are also invited up to the Torah in a fully egalitarian service.

Moments of Mourning

Our Rabbis and Cantor are also available during moments of mourning – a funeral, the Shiva and memorial services. We will be there with you to help and provide spiritual support as needed.