Rabbi Rodrigo Baumworcel

Rabbi - Kehilat HaLev

Rodrigo was born and grew up in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. As a child, he attended the local Jewish day school and was an active member of the HaShomer HaTzair youth movement from age seven. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in sociology and anthropology from National University in Rio de Janeiro. After graduation, Rodrigo returned to the school in which he studied as a child and taught for five years, all the while leading Israel-related efforts, such as March of the Living, as well.

Rodrigo made aliyah to Israel and began pursuing a master’s in Jewish Education, but he realized that the theory and pedagogy would not be enough for him. He sought to broaden the scope of his studies and to engage deeper with Jewish practice and text. Through this search he found the Hebrew Union College. The beit midrash would become his spiritual and academic home over the next years, culminating is his ordination as a rabbi in the Fall of 2021.

Rodrigo is excited to take on this new role with Kehilat HaLev. He hopes to help usher in change and progress in Israeli society and to reintroduce terms to the dialogue that have been lost such as peace, God, and innocence.

Rodrigo is married to Alona and the couple live in Tel Aviv.

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