Rabbi Meir Azari

Senior Rabbi

Rabbi Azari was appointed as the Senior Rabbi of The Beit Daniel Centers for Progressive Judaism in 1991.  Under his leadership the Daniel Centers grew to include three Kehilot throughout Tel Aviv-Jaffa, and later opened the Mishkenot Ruth Daniel – Guesthouse and Seminar Center.

Rabbi Azari received his undergraduate degree in Jewish History and Political Science from Haifa University and received his rabbinical ordination from Hebrew Union College in Jerusalem.  He continued his studies at Hebrew University, San Francisco University and the Graduate Jewish Theological Seminary in Berkeley, CA.

Rabbi Azari served as the Executive Director of the Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism from 1986-1989. He served twice as the chairperson of the Israeli MARAM (Israeli Council of Progressive Rabbis), and is a current Board Member of the Jewish Agency in Israel, serving as Deputy Chair of the Evaluation and Measurement Committee.

In 2017 Rabbi Azari received an Honorary Doctorate from Hebrew Union College.  He also received the International Humanitarian Award from the World Union for Progressive Judaism, and Women of Reform Judaism at the Union for Reform Judaism Biennial in 2017, recognizing his contributions  to Progressive Judaism in Israel and around the world. He is the first Reform Rabbi to receive such a prize.

Rabbi Azari has published two books, the first taking an in depth look into Israel Independence Day, its customs and traditions, as they have evolved in Israeli society. The second book is an edited collection of articles introducing Reform Judaism to Israelis and Hebrew readers. He has spoken at hundreds of congregations and conferences in North America and Europe.

Rabbi Azari’s wife has a lengthy career as a diplomat with the Ministry of Foriegn Affairs  previously serving as the Ambassador to Russia, Ukraine, and Poland. She was recently appointed as the Deputy Director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

They have two children, Adam and Dafna.

email meir@beit-daniel.org.il

phone 03-5442740 ext. 0

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