Shonim B’Yachad Tic-Toc Challenge

The “Different Together” project transformed during the Covid-19 period.  This year were not able to hold the large painting exhibition, on the Jaffa Port as we did in years before.  Instead it became an internet venture that continues to spread among so many people.   We continued to voice the messages of tolerance, openness and acceptance of  others and shared them virtually with a huge following! * * * * Fighting racism – even in ticeting!

Beit Daniel’s “Different Together” project is an artistic educational project aimed at promoting values ​​of inclusion, tolerance, equality, and recognizing the other through co-existence.

Join our new TikTok Challenge that allows us all to celebrate the differences between us, and at the same time work to connect children and youth, families and communities to each other. Please participate in the challenge and spread the message across the seas.  Expand the discourse against racism and connect the different people to the message leading the way:  We are all different and together.

Thank you for your willingness to participate in the challenge!




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