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When we looked around our congregation we noticed a distinct gap; there were few young families with small children walking through our doors. In North America, young families stay connected to Temple life because they want and need a Jewish education for their young children. Here in Israel, that need is filled by regular school programming but there is still a lack of progressive Jewish programming that allows young families to take part in programs that focus on tolerance, liberalism and equality. This void is especially obvious in Tel Aviv, an open city that prides itself on its liberal outlook. Young families in the Beit Daniel neighborhood are looking for a progressive home that puts their ideals into action.

Zulazu (for each other) opened its doors at Beit Daniel in 2012 and in the summer of 2013 we made our partnership with Zulazu Early Childhood & Family Center official. Now when a family becomes a member of Beit Daniel they have access to all the services and activates offered by Zulazu.

As Beit Daniel members, families now have the opportunity to connect with other parents both social and religiously. Services offered at Zulazu range from Gymboree, music classes and Baby Yoga; lactation consulting and basic infant care; special Mother’s Rosh Chodesh celebrations, Tot Shabbat, and religious study. We are currently offering a Beit Midrash which focuses on parenting though Jewish text. Most recently a parents’ Tikkun Olam project was initiated to help brand new families adapt to daily life at home with an infant. Parents are able to help one another with even the smallest things like an evening meal.

Since the official partnership began, we have added over one hundred families to the Beit Daniel community. It is proving to be a fruitful relationship for all and we look forward to continuing to develop programing with Zulazu and watching our positive growth together.

Contact Shiraz at Zulazu today to learn more and receive a full schedule of events at 03-544-2740!