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Celebrating your life cycle event in the heart of Israel

Every year members of our community, new and old, come to Beit Daniel, Kehilat Halev and Mishkenot Ruth Daniel to celebrate their life cycle events and important occasions. The Daniel Centers welcome you to join our community to celebrate your most important events.

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Brit Milah and Simcha Ha'Bat

“כִּי אֹרֶךְ יָמִים וּשְׁנוֹת חַיִּים וְשָׁלוֹם יוֹסִיפוּ לָךְ” (משלי, ג, 2)


Mazal tov! A new family member has been added (or is about to be added) to your family! We know you want to celebrate this simcha. What does Judaism say about these occasions?

Alongside traditional rituals, such as circumcision and pidyon ha’ben, Judaism has developed special rituals of naming and blessing this new human being. Together, we will bless the newborn, the parents and the family. The Beit Daniel team is happy to accompany you in this process in creating a ceremony to celebrate this wonderful occasion. After the ceremony, the option exists to provide refreshments.

Rituals offered:

Brit Milah

“ובן שמונת ימים ימול לכם כל זכר לדורותיכם” ( בראשית יז, 12)

The ritual of circumcision has characterized Jews over the generations. In fact, Jews have fought for the right to continue this tradition.  At Beit Daniel, you have the option to combine the traditional ceremony with the mohel with songs, a dvar Torah from the rabbi leading the ceremony, and other songs and poetry. In other words, you are welcome to bring your imagination with you to this ceremony.

The Brit Milah is held on the 8th day after the birth, unless there is a health reason to postpone the ceremony. The event can be conducted at Beit Daniel or at another location of your choice.

For further information, please contact our Life Cycle Events Coordinator at 03-544-2740 extension 114.

Pidyon Ha’Ben

“ויהי כי הקשה פרעה לשלחנו ויהרוג ה´ כל בכור בארץ מצרים, מבכור אדם עד בכור בהמה, על כן אני זובח לה´ כל פטר רחם הזכרים וכל בכור בני אפדה” (שמות יג, 15)

This interesting ceremony is held one month after the birth. Beyond being an impressive ceremony in the Jewish tradition, it also provides parents a chance to hold a smaller circumcision and a larger event later celebrating the birth of their son.


For further information on this custom and to schedule a date, please contact our Life Cycle Events Coordinator.

Simcha Ha’Bat

זָכָר וּנְקֵבָה, בְּרָאָם; וַיְבָרֶךְ אֹתָם, וַיִּקְרָא אֶת-שְׁמָם אָדָם, בְּיוֹם הִבָּרְאָם” (בראשית, ה, 2)

Although there is no traditional ritual to honor the birth of a daughter, in recent years, a ceremony has emerged to meet this need. There is no fixed date for this ceremony, but it is typically held a few weeks after the birth. In eastern traditions, a ceremony exists for the birth of a daughter in which the family gathers to sing and announce the name of the girl. Such a ceremony can be coordinated at Beit Daniel.and can also have similar elements to that of the Brit Milah. Please contact our Life Cycle Events Coordinator for further details.

Prayer of Thanks

“בָּרוּךְ אַתָּה ה´ אֱלֹהֵינוּ מֶלֶךְ הָעוֹלָם, הַגּוֹמֵל לְחַיָּבִים טוֹבוֹת”  (מן התפילה)

The Birkat Ha’Gomel is a prayer said during the reading of the Torah.It is recited when a person escapes danger, when a person recovers from a difficult disease or returns from a distant journey. Since a successful birth of a child is a form of passing through a danger, the parents are invited up to the Torah to say a prayer of thanks. Alternatively, you can recite this prayer during one of the other ceremonies.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah at Beit Daniel, Kehilat Halev or Mishkenot Ruth Daniel

During the past 25 years, thousands celebrated their Bar and Bat Mitzvah at Beit Daniel.Through a fun and creative Bar/Bat Mitzvah program, these young adults learn about the meaning of the ceremony and study for their big day. We prepare the Bar Mitzvah-aged children for the occasion and the children then celebrate their ceremony at Beit Daniel. However, not only Israeli children come of age at Beit Daniel: young Jewish boys and girls arrive from all around the world to celebrate their Bar and Bat Mitzvahs with us in our progressive and egalitarian temple.So, if you are arriving from abroad, our Rabbis can also accommodate your needs in English and we can also provide prayer books in Hebrew and English.

If you decide to host your child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah at Beit Daniel, you and your child/children will embark upon a memorable journey that will expose you to the most beautiful components of progressive Judaism that combines tradition with innovation. We are an egalitarian movement, which means that girls are also called to the Torah during Bat Mitzvah celebrations and female family members are also called upon to recite blessings and read from the Torah.

Furthermore, Beit Daniel also holds Bar and Bat Mitzvah ceremonies for children with special needs. If you are interested in pursuing this option, we would be happy to arrange a special ceremony for your family. Beit Daniel has also partnered over the past few years with a children’s safe house (for children removed from their parents’ care). Through this partnership, the children are also able to participate in communal celebrations and celebrate life cycle events.

If you are interested in celebrating a Reform Bar or Bat Mitzvah through us, please contact our Event Coordinator at 03-544-2740 ext. 114. It is recommended that you contact us a year before the anticipated Bar/Bat Mitzvah date. However, we will make every effort to coordinate a ceremony for you even if it’s only a few months in advance.

After speaking with our secretary, we will set up a meeting with one of our rabbis to discuss specifics and the setting of an official date. In addition to Beit Daniel, you can also hold your child’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah at our two other centers – Kehilat Halev and Mishkenot Ruth Daniel as well as use one of the catering companies we partner with.

Interested to see what a Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremony looks like at Beit Daniel? Watch Stav read from the Torah during his ceremony!

Mother/Daughter Bat Mitzvah Program

Beit Daniel offers a program to prepare mothers and their daughters for a joint bat mitzvah ceremony via an innovative and engaging learning experience that culminates in a joint ceremony for the group. Please contact for further information.


The wedding is a sacred moment in Jewish culture, a moment that symbolizes the beginning of a life-long partnership. During the excitement of planning, it is important to stop and consider if you truly believe in the fundamentals of the ceremony you are preparing.

Rabbi Meir Azari, Rabbi Galia Sadan and our other rabbis at the Daniel Centers have been officiating thousands of egalitarian wedding ceremonies over the past 25 years. We would be happy to design with you a wedding ceremony that fits your needs as contemporary Jews living in the 21st century.

You can rest assured that the wedding ceremony will fit your needs while retaining all the elements of a traditional Jewish wedding ceremony. We recommend that couples who do marry through the Reform Movement also hold a civil marriage abroad, which would allow the couple to be registered as married in the Populations Registry. This way, couples can both hold a wedding ceremony that fits their spiritual, religious and personal needs while assuring registration as a married couple.

The cost of coordinating a wedding ceremony is 1, 500 NIS + travel expenses for the rabbi.

Both partners must be registered as Jews through Israel’s Ministry of Interior. This condition is stipulated by the Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism.

For further information on arranging a Reform wedding ceremony, please contact our Events Coordinator at 03-544-2740 ext. 114.


“לכל זמן ועת לכל חפץ תחת השמים: עת ללדת ועת למות… עת לבכות ועת לשחוק, עת ספוד ועת רקוד:” (קהלת ג´)

Our rabbis at Beit Daniel, in addition to Cantor Freddy Faur, will help you whenever you may need them during your time of mourning – from funeral rituals to annual memorial services.

Today, it is now possible to combine a traditional memorial service with a service containing poetry and philosophy in all cemeteries in the central region.

The ceremony is constructed with the relatives of the deceased. They are full partners in the planning process.

We count both men and women in the recitation of the Kaddish for their loved ones.

Family members are welcome to join us Friday night and Saturday morning as the community recites the Kaddish. It is also possible to contribute to the memory of your loved one through our Tree of Life, which hangs on the wall of the synagogue. On this tree, we remember the losses of our loved ones. Mourners who would like the names of their loved ones mentioned during Shabbat services are welcome to call the office and inform us of the details.

For further information, please call our office at 03-544-2740 extension 5 and speak with our Life Cycle Events Coordinator.